About Cold Showers

Cold water therapy is more than just a folk cure for minor ailments. For hundreds of years, cold water therapy has seen prolific usage in mainstream medicine for treating a plethora of conditions. Controlled experiments show that it improves athletic performance, helps prevent disease, improves mood, decreases pain, and provides other benefits.

Several physicians have caused waves of enthusiasm with their particular cold water therapies. Starting in the early 1800s, doctors began discovering the benefits of cold water and attracting thousands of patients to their programs, including royalty and other doctors and scientists. One notable figure, Charles Darwin, swore by the treatment.

Most of us have the means to adminster our own cold water therapy. A cold shower is an invigorating way to reap many of cold water’s benefits. Or, one can submerge oneself in cold bath water. A cold bath or tank is useful for targeting specific body parts; runners, for example, may find benefit in submerging their legs in cold bath water. Alternatively, a cold shower is convenient for promoting good circulation throughout the body and strengthening the immune system.

Furthermore, taking cold showers can prevent some significant drawbacks of taking hot showers. Hot water is damaging to the skin, and several scientists have warned that the steam from hot showers releases dangerous amounts of chlorine into the air.

I am in the process of sorting out a substantial pile of evidence on the health benefits of cold showers and what they can specifically help with. Subscribe to the RSS feed (upper right hand corner) for automatic updates in your feed reader.

Please Note: The intent of this website is to provide information on potential health benefits of cold showers. None of the articles are intended as medical advice on the treatment of specific health conditions.

One thought on “About Cold Showers

  1. Great advice, I plan to take cold showers as much as I can.
    But how long should those showers be, can they be too long? what would be an optimum time for these showers?

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